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Portuguese Man O’ War (Physalia physalis).  

Not a true jellyfish but a Hydrozoan that although looks like an individual is in fact a colony of animals living together with a shared purpose. They cruise around the world’s oceans using their float as a sail and trailing bright blue stinging tentacles to catch prey as they go. They are blown on to Pembrokeshire shores in periods of onshore wind and pack a potent sting so treat with caution. Photographed offshore, Atlantic ocean. 








Man of War

  • This limited edition photographs is printed using archival inks on archival standard, cotton and cellulose, acid free fine art paper. Each edition is signed, numbered and accompanied by the corresponding certificate to guarantee authenticity. This piece is released as a total edition of 100. 

    Each print is professionally mounted and framed in a bespoke, handmade, sustainable sourced solid wood frame by a local framer and is ready to hang.


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