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Content Creation

Heartfelt, entertaining words and evocative images that showcase the natural world and our connection with it. 

Authentic, wholesome content that aligns with your brand's vision and ethos 

Like me, I know you thrive on the power of compelling stories to change hearts and minds which motivates you to keep sharing awe-inspiring content about the natural world.


Do you struggle to find reliable storytellers that have both a strong scientific background and creative depth to craft soulful prose? 

Well, I believe I can help you with that! 

Words & images as nature intended

Whatever the size of your business or organisation - let’s work together to create some unique, wholesome content. 

Excerpt from 'Ground Rush' on Finisterre’s The Broadcast

“Grounding in the aftermath of a huge life shift from rooted land life to a nomadic life at sea and back again has been a slow rain, like a dandelion seed drifting and parachuting to earth. After the euphoria of a celebrated homecoming seeped away we slotted into a new life. Having sold our house to fund the great sea voyage, our home is now a rented flat on the third floor of a manor house with a view at tree canopy height, of lawns, flower beds and fields with cows and the broad sky. In our imaginations it is a treehouse without the bob and sway akin to liveaboard life.”

Pricing - on request

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Drop me a line to so we can make a plan. I'd love to craft some magic with you.

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