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Conservation storytelling

Powerful stories about the natural world through photography and writing to inspire confidence in nature conservation and effect positive change. 

 The storytelling package - images AND words

Are you an editor looking for expert, thoroughly researched marine conservation stories as well as professional quality images for your publication?


Imagine finding a contributor that has both a strong scientific background and the creative depth to craft emotive prose;  a seasoned storyteller who delivers unique, timely stories, crafted from thoughtful, robust writing and powerful images that you’re proud to share with the world.


Whether you require the full story package, just the visuals or just the words, I believe I can help. 

Changing hearts and minds with compelling conservation stories 

Let’s work together to wow the world with memorable images and compelling stories, crafted with expertise and heart. 

Excerpt from Wondrous shearwaters, column published in Oceanographic magazine, Issue 22

“Anchored for the night in a secluded bay on the island of La Gomera, we are winding down for an evening of star gazing when a raucous, disembodied voice squeaks out from the darkness. One call becomes two, then a crescendo as the air fills with a rowdy gathering of feathered seafarers about to make landfall for the night. Some are growly, others higher pitched and cackling, building in volume then fading away. Occasionally I catch sight of a ghostly outline and hear the whooshing whisper of strong wings as one passes close overhead- Cory’s shearwaters returning from a day at sea in the hundreds. “ 

Pricing - upon enquiry

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