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Have you ever felt like you needed to know more about British marine life?

As an ocean lover, parent, outdoor professional, group leader or just someone curious about the natural world have you dreamed of not only learning about the wonders of British marine life but sharing what you know with friends, family or clients? You’re not alone, and I’ve written just the book for you! 

Lou reading her book.HEIC

Wondrous British Marine Life: a handbook for coastal explorers

by Dr Lou Luddington, published by Pesda Press

Wild Atlantic Life: a book of nature photographs, haiku poems and prose

Inspired by a 3 year voyage free diving and sailing the North Atlantic, by gathering and binding together the most poignant moments from this voyage, in the form of photographs, stories and poems, I share my love of the natural world as a call to action to protect it.


More details coming soon...

Noctiluca sunset-2.jpg

Jane Sheldon, review of Wondrous British Marine Life, Waterstones book store

“Amazing facts about the critters in the sea & rock pools all around our shores. This isn’t about exotic creatures in faraway places, they are our critters in our waters. It’s not supermarket trolleys down there, it’s magical!"
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