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Limpets move around the shore on a muscular foot much like a garden snail. As they slide along they lick the rock with their rough tongue called a radula to remove algae and young seaweeds from the rock to eat. The tiny teeth that stud the radula are made of the strongest biological material on the planet, a mineral-protein composite that is stronger than both spider silk and all but the strongest man-made materials. Photographed at Freshwater west beach, Castlemartin. 









Lone Limpet

  • This limited edition photographs is printed using archival inks on archival standard, cotton and cellulose, acid free fine art paper. Each edition is signed, numbered and accompanied by the corresponding certificate to guarantee authenticity. This piece is released as a total edition of 100. 

    Each print is professionally mounted and framed in a bespoke, handmade, sustainable sourced solid wood frame by a local framer and is ready to hang.


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