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These underwater forests are one of the hidden wonders of our planet. On a mid-summer day I swam out and waited patiently for the sun to scoot from behind a cloud. As it did I dived down so I could be among the kelp as it caught fire. Backlit their fronds set the whole scene ablaze, flowing bronze and lavish in their spring growth.

Carerfai bay, St David's, Pembrokeshire




  • This limited edition photograph is printed on to HD metal using a dye-sublimation technique that injects it into the surface. Each edition is signed, numbered and accompanied by the corresponding certificate to guarantee authenticity. This piece is released as a total edition of 100.

    HD Metal is scratch-resistant, waterproof, durable and light so is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen and poolside either indoors or out. 

    Available in a high-gloss or matt finish. 

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