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Freediving shoot for Omar


Radazul, Tenerife, Canary islands


2021 - January


Lou Luddington


In water photoshoot

Omar was keen to have photos of himself freediving in a playful way. As manager and freediving instructor trainer at Apnea Canarias in Tenerife he is a masterful freediver and his ease and flow underwater is a pleasure to behold. 

We photographed in late afternoon sunlight that I knew would create drama and atmosphere in the clear water. At the time I was living aboard my sailing boat in the marina next to the dive centre and the freediving spot, so we could change at the centre and walk to the water's edge. Omar embraced his creativity, visualising different shots to try; I liked the way he chose to match the blues too, wearing colour coordinated wetsuit, mask, fins and socks. We had a magical  2 hours in the water and together created some of my favourite images of all time. His vibrant Italian spirit and charisma shines through in these images and in sessions like these you form a special bond through a shared making of magic. 

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