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Lou Luddington


Content Creation

British adventure clothing brand Finisterre published a series of guest blogs from our liveaboard sailing voyage about living lighter and closer to nature. This linked in with their Lived & Loved ethos of repairing things and making do, a mindset inherent to a nomadic sailing life. In total I provided content for seven blogs that shared poignant moments, from first setting sail out of Milford Haven to returning home, changed and ready to settle to land life again.

Each piece was compiled from my journal entries and photographs captured freediving and exploring the most wildlife rich areas from Pembrokeshire to France, Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands and an epic trans-Atlantic crossing to the eastern Caribbean. What started out as a mini-series became a 3 year travelogue of swooping emotions and adventure on the high sea. This is content straight from the heart; I rarely get through reading these blogs  with dry eyes.

Excerpt from "Life in Motion"

“Lying in the darkness I brace as the next wind squall reaches a crescendo, a little more violent than the last. It rages for a few seconds and I wonder if this time a piece of the boat will get torn off and whisked away. It feels like we’re under attack. The rigging howls and the boat heels over and twangs heavily on the anchor. How much stronger will it get? In seconds the commotion is over and the wind drops to a breath. I feel all tension drain from me and think of drifting back to sleep just as the next blast hits us. This gale-force, stop-start assault continues to the early hours stirring up a lively sea. By breakfast the wind has hushed to a breeze but Noctiluca rocks fore and aft, as the ocean heaves from a night of uproar.”

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